Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How to lose 30 pounds without exercise

For those seeking how to lose 30 pounds without exercise, this is not only very possible it is very natural according to science researchers. Despite the countless numbers of gym membership and sweating to different work out routines the bottom line is that obesity is increasing not decreasing worldwide. With just a little help from science you will learn how to lose 30 pounds without exercise or going to any gym.

The combination of the right foods in the right diet will cause anyone to get as thin as they want to be, what most people are not aware of is “which foods” work in which “diet”. To make weight loss understandable, you must understand exactly what you are trying to do; you are attempting to reduce your inflammation body fat. All dangerous body fat and especially belly fat is inflammation fat. If you have excessive fat on your body this is inflammation body fat, this is what obesity actually is. The right foods in the right diet are how to lose 30 pounds without exercise. Science shows us in countless studies that exercise “Does not equal weight loss” Exercise is great for the heart, liver, lungs but NOT for weight loss. Exercise can tone muscle but it does not cause good loss of body fat.


The British Journal of Sports Medicine did a major study involving “Exercise and Weight loss” and was very amazed that after 12 week on an exercise program very little weight was lost by the participants. The study added to the growing body of evidence which shows that exercise while very good for the organs of the body does not correlate into the loss of body fat.

The researchers concluded 

“Many people believe that you rev up” your metabolism after an exercise session “so that you burn additional body fat throughout the day,” said Edward Melanson, Ph.D., an associate professor in the division of endocrinology at the School of Medicine and the lead author of the study.  The study made it clear that the “Happy burn” that you feel after exercising does not lead to less body fat!  Once again, exercise is great for the body but not necessarily for weight loss.

The body burns fat when the right foods are used in the right diet, the right diet is a diet that reduces that stubborn inflammation fat which we mentioned earlier in this article, this is the only way to get thinner, and this is how to lose 30 pounds without exercise.   This is the number one site to lose thirty pounds in the internet, in less than a year, 10 different countries daily use this site to be thin with real science.

When European researchers showed how body fat came right off the body when people without diabetes used a “Diet styled for a diabetic” they all became thinner. The diet caused a major reduction in body fat in less than six week; this was how to be thin.

Science shows us how to be thin

The science based diet is now used by thousands in 10 countries to lose 30 pounds in the shortest time and may be used here.

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