Friday, April 25, 2014

How to Lose Weight with Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a wonderful food for those who are trying to lose weight, the power of the tomato reside in the color. The red color of the tomato should signal health for those who are overweight. Science has made it abundant clear that utilizing this food can assist you in your efforts to lose weight; in this post we will address how you can lose weight by including tomatoes in the diet. 



What’s in a tomato that can help you lose weight?


It is clear that one of the main nutrients in tomatoes would be lycopene, this is a very powerful substance that can help reduce fat in the bloodstream, and it protects the body against the effects of obesity. When combined with the specialized diet from science tomatoes help the body shed fat!



Links between blood lycopene and cardiovascular diseases



Many observational studies have made a connection between higher blood lycopene and lower risk of heart attack. For example, a study in men found that low serum lycopene was associated with increased plaque in the carotid artery and triple the risk of cardiovascular events compared to higher levels. Over 300%!  


 In a separate study, women were split into four groups (quartiles) according to their blood lycopene levels; women in the top three quartiles were 50% less likely to have cardiovascular disease compared to the lowest group of lycopene, this was reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.  What you are seeing is a cleaning out of fat and plaque in the body



*There is a way to boost the effects of tomatoes for weight loss and this is documented by science*



  1. Cooked tomatoes release the power of lycopene not raw tomatoes.




Dr. Chopa Director of the research  from the University of Portsmouth


said: ''This simple chemical reaction was shown to occur at lycopene concentrations that can easily be achieved by eating processed(cooked) tomatoes.''


“the laboratory evidence we have found is clear - it is possible to intercept the simple mechanism some cancer cells use to grow at concentrations that can be achieved by eating sufficient cooked tomatoes.''  This study was showing the amazing potential of tomatoes against cancer cells.



We are now seeing how science causes real weight loss; this is what the commercial celebrity TV diets cannot do.  Lycopene cleans out the fat, removes plaque and addresses cancer cells.




How to be as thin as you want to be from science



When European researchers used a specialized diabetes inspired diet on overweight people without diabetes an amazing thing occurred, the inflammatory body-fat was reversed and all lost significant body weight. Here we see a true loss of real inflammatory fat; this is what the popular commercial diets cannot do.  Use this diet with tomatoes and you will eliminate excess body fat.



If you are not reducing inflammatory fat you are not getting healthy



Why did a diabetic styled diet work for people with or without diabetes?


Diabetes is an inflammatory condition and so is obesity, it makes sense that the diet could be created which was styled from a diabetic type diet to stop the inflammatory fat. The diet caused overweight people without diabetes to become naturally thin; this was how to really eliminate the fat” No fancy commercials just science, combine this with cooked tomatoes and get as thin as you want to be.


Inflammatory fat around the waist and on the body can be very stubborn to remove, most commercial diets are a waste of time but science has given us the solution; this was the only real life solution from real science to lose weight.


Real weight loss is a very achievable goal when you utilize real science! Simply do step by step what the researchers did with this diet to get thinner.















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